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2021 Year In Review: Quarter 2

This was a busy quarter where we honored your hard work, revamped a key educational tool, and welcomed a new life.

Ah Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. The time of chocolate goodies, growth, and birth. With those in mind, I have picked out three more events to remember from 2021.

The Chocolate Goodies - 2021 OC Partner Awards

Spring is generally awards season at OC and 2021 was no different. For the second year in a row, we had to hold the OC Partner Awards virtually. Despite the online nature of the event, we still tried to bring some glitz and some glamor. I ever wore a virtual tuxedo!

With so many partners having had outstanding years in 2020, we knew it was going to be difficult to choose winners. Once again, we had four Platinum winners representing the very best of their respective regions. Those winners were Dental Express Serbia, Concern Ltd from Taiwan, XBD from Mexico, and Orthodental Algeria.

From that group, there could only be winner one of the prestigious DIAMOND award.

Since the start of the awards in 2017, we have had a different winner every year; OrthoGroup (Poland) in 2017, OrtoArea (Spain) in 2018, Daitan (Vietnam) in 2019, and Ortholight (Russia) in 2020. So once again we would be creating a first-time OC champion.

And that honor went to……………….

XBD Orthodontics of Mexico. We love you, Francisco and Sylvia.

The Growth - Launched the OC Educational Platform

The OC Educational Platform was given a remodel. The site was given a new look and new features were added. The platform became home to product videos, marketing collateral, the renowned Protocol Magazine, and our live streaming platform, OC Live.

It also became home to the hugely popular OC Replay, our OC Ambassador exclusive new video-on-demand library service. OC Replay is home to a multitude of past educational webinars and videos delivered by some of the most respected orthodontic teachers. And it is exclusively for OC Ambassadors, helping to build loyalty to our brand.

The Birth - Welcomed a new addition to the International family

Spring also provided us with an actual birth. Congratulations went out to Hugo and Ashley Sanchez on the arrival of their baby boy, Miles.

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