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2023 User Experience Survey Results

Marketing conducts an annual survey of OC product users

Five Key Takeaways from the Results:

  1. The fastest-growing segments of our business are self-Ligating brackets and wires.

  2. 75% of our current business has been won over the past 5 years, suggesting we have developed a very competitive product platform.

  3. OC has a high "would recommend" rating from users, which gives us a great opportunity to increase our peer-to-peer conversion business.

  4. Price is RARELY a factor when compared to Quality, Reliability, and Value for Money. Sales and marketing approaches that lead with a value proposition are more important than promos and coupons.

  5. Websites are no longer the key go-to place for information. Increasingly information is obtained through social media, seminars, and peer-to-peer engagement. (Hello Ambassador program!!)

Video of results:

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