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Chat GPT: 5 Reasons Talking Points Are Important

Remember C.C.A.D.S.

Get Ready - OC Talking Points Are Coming

Talking points are crucial for global branding for several reasons. As OC becomes larger, maintaining a global voice across all of our brand representatives becomes more difficult.

Over the next few weeks, OC will be launching a simple and easy framework of talking points for your sales teams.

To get you and your teams ready for learning, understanding, and effectively using our talking points, below are the TOP 5 reasons we need to all speak within a talking point framework.

1. Consistency

Talking points ensure a consistent and unified brand message across diverse markets and cultures, helping to reinforce the brand's identity and values regardless of the audience.


2. Clarity

Clear and concise talking points help convey the brand's key messages effectively, making it easier for the global audience to understand and connect with the brand's purpose and offerings.


3. Adaptation

While maintaining consistency, talking points can be adapted to resonate with local nuances, languages, and preferences, allowing the brand to connect with customers on a personal level.


4. Differentiation

Well-crafted talking points highlight the unique aspects of the brand that set it apart from competitors. This differentiation helps the brand stand out in the global marketplace.


5. Storytelling

Talking points enable the brand to tell a compelling story that resonates with customers emotionally. This storytelling aspect fosters deeper engagement and loyalty from a diverse range of customers worldwide.


Memory Tool

A simple and easy way to remember this is:

C - consistency

C - clarity

A - adaption

D - differentiation

S - storytelling


(may or may not be important at a later date)

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