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International Team Strategy Meeting

Planning for the future with an avant-garde approach!

Last week the International team gathered from all over the world in beautiful Porto, Portugal. We met to help develop and plan our strategic approach for the upcoming year. Our focus during the meeting was on ensuring that as a group we effectively promote a global brand and remain a partner of choice to you all.

The amazing Torel Avantgarde Hotel in Porto was our home for the week. The location was chosen as it provides the perfect backdrop to inspire new and out-of-the-box ideas. Each room at the hotel was inspired by a creative writer, with decor to match. The strategy meeting was held in the Alfred Hitchcock room. Fortunately, nobody was mysteriously murdered, and luckily for Guido, there was no bird attack. There is a good reason why "avant-garde" is in the name!!

The result is that we are planning some new and exciting initiatives in 2023! Our hope is these initiatives will:

  • Improve the way we do business together through a partnership blueprint

  • Highlight your teams and success

  • Better inform and prepare you for new product launches

  • Streamline operational functions

  • Leverage the Ambassador program for brand development

  • Make OC an even better business partner

An Avant-Garde Approach

Avant-Garde is defined as:

1. Any group of people who invent or promote new techniques or concepts, especially in art.

2. All things considered to be ultramodern, advanced, or ahead of its time.

Sales management is an art. It requires mindfulness, creativity, and a sense of boldness. As your partner in business, we want to continually develop new and innovative ways that advance our mutual trust and respect. That creative approach has already led to many of the initiatives we now take for granted.

  • The Marketing Allowance Program (MAP), which allows us to be partners in your local marketing efforts and in promoting a global brand.

  • The Ambassador program, a developing platform that will allow us all to benefit from peer-to-peer engagement and education through social media.

  • The Partner Awards, an annual formal gathering where we acknowledge your efforts and achievements.

  • The implementation of this very website which is improving communication between us.

OC is committed to being a company that drives innovation. We want to be considered a company whose ingenuity competitors admire, respect, and dare I say it, envy.

We plan to carry that tradition of business creativity into 2023 and beyond. We are just getting started!

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