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Introducing the Pitts21 PRO Broad Wire Starter Kit!

Part Number: 956.3150

Description: P21 PRO 7X7 U/L HKS 345 KIT (BROAD)

Why Choose the Pitts21 PRO Broad Wire Kit?

· Proven Success: The new Pitts21 PRO Broad Kit includes the same wire sequence as the Pitts21 Starter kit, ensuring exceptional results.

· Enhanced Comfort: Ideal for doctors who prefer the Pitts Broad wire form, offering both effectiveness and comfort.

We are pleased to inform you that the original Pitts21 PRO Broad Plus Wire Kit (956.2150 P21 PRO 7X7 U/L HKS 345 KIT) is still available for those who prefer it. This kit is recommended by Dr. Tom Pitts.

See the attached flyer for more information!

Pitts21 PRO Starter Kit Rev B
Download PDF • 623KB

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Naresh Panjala
Naresh Panjala
Oct 05, 2023


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