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MAP - You Still Have Time

All requests need to be submitted by October

OC knows the importance of being a partner to our distributors. We also know it is vital the OC brand is promoted in as many markets as possible. That is why we created the OC Marketing Allowance Program - MAP.

For 2021, in response to the challenges of COVID, we:

  1. Waived all eligibility requirements,

  2. Removed the minimum purchase requirement, and

  3. Allowed partners to rollover some unused 2020 points.

There are so many marketing and promotion ideas that you can use your points on.

  1. Print advertising costs

  2. Online banner ads

  3. Branded promotional items; Shirts, hats, pens, and even lip balm!

  4. Speakers honorariums

  5. Registration fees for your customers

  6. and more. Let us know your ideas.

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