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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work


Last week, I attended the Latin American Association of Orthodontics ALADO/FAOCA in Guatemala along with the local distributor. This was a great networking experience for OC, the local Distributor Tienda21x21, and the Costa Rican distributor who was also in attendance. It was nice to see our distributors working together, sharing tips and strategies on how to expand product education throughout Latin America.

In addition, Dr. Nestor Morales was invited by the Latin American Association of Orthodontics as a speaker. Dr. Morales presented several Pitts21 cases which directed several doctors to the Tienda21x21 booth. During this meeting we all worked as a team. The distributors were able to answer product and pricing questions, while I was able to answer distribution questions and anything regarding the OC company. Dr. Morales was also a great support as he answered many technical questions regarding the Pitts system.

Thank you to all who attended. This was a fantastic team effort experience.

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