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2023 Review: OC Partner

Updated: Jan 4

The who, what, and when of OC Partner

2023 - The Numbers and Facts

Site visits were up 45% over 2022. This means you were coming to OC Partner more often than ever before.

Additionally, the average time you spent on OC Partner also increased. During each visit, you spent just over eight minutes visiting the site. That represents an increase of 19% compared to last year.

The most visited page was the Home Page, followed by the News Blog, and then the Events (Awards) page.

What was the most popular day to visit the OC Partner? Wednesday.

The most popular search term was "Pitts".

Top Countries for Site Visits

The top 10 (non-employee related) countries for site visits were:

India, Spain, Colombia, Poland, Costa Rica, Russia, Mexico, Taiwan, Argentina, and Vietnam.

Top Posts in 2023

The "Dr. Pitts Wire Protocol Presentation" post received both the highest number of views and the highest number of visitors.

The most "liked" article was the "Milestones Achieved" post.

You spent more time on the "Chat GPT Quiz" post than any other. So I guess it took time to search for those answers eh!!!

Posts that were made over the "summer months" received considerably more views than at any other time.

What Does All This Mean? Changes for 2024!


While these statistics are fun to know, they are also helpful for us to understand what works and what doesn't work. Our goal next year is to do more of what works and fix the things that aren't working.

In 2024, we plan to make some significant changes to OC Partner. These include:

-Making the Home Page more informative with up-to-date information.

-Updating the News blog to facilitate increased engagement

-Making it easier to navigate around the site

-Including more information about you and share more of your content.

-Streamlining the number of site pages

If you have any thoughts on some changes you would like to see, please add your comment below.

Happy New Year!!!

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