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To increase personalization for each patient, the IPR Optional Strips include two more single-sided strips and two extra-thick strips.


Clear IPR Single-Sided Opener (8 IPR Strips)
.10 mm - Medium-Fine Diamond Sinlge-Sided Serrated


Cyan IPR Single Sided Widener (8 IPR Strips)

.15 mm - Medium-Coarse Diamond Single-Sided


Purple IPR Super-Widener (8 IPR Strips)

.25 mm - Coarse Diamond Double-Sided


Brown IPR Mega-Widener (8 IPR Strips)

.30 mm - Coarse Diamond Double-Sided


IPR Optional Strip Assorted Kit

Kit Includes:

(8) Clear IPR Single Side Opener

(8) Cyan IPR Single-Sided Widener

(8) Purple IPR Super-Widener

(8) Brown IPR Mega-Widener

IPR Optional Strips