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SRW™ Stranded Retention Wire is a bonded lingual retainer wire, suitable for maxillary and mandibular arches. It works well with all types of adhesives to prevent the shifting of teeth. The wire is made from six flattened coaxial strands.


  • Does Not Fray When Cut
  • Made From High-Grade Flattened Coaxial Wire
  • Lays Neatly on the Lingual Surface of the Teeth 
  • for Precise Bonding & Retention
  • Aims to Prevent Shifting of the Teeth from Forces Applied by the Tongue, Cheeks, or Chewing
  • Works Well with All Types of Adhesives and is Easily Formed to Fit tooth Surface
  • Spooled 5 ft. Pack Allows You to Cut the Right Size for Each Patient
  • Can Be Used on the Maxillary or Mandibular Arches

SRW Stranded Retention Wire

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