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2021 Year in Review: Quarter 1

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

We got the year off to a fast start

Our focus in Q1 was on helping you gain new business by making going after new business easier

Pitts 21 Door Opening Tool Launched

We launched the new Pitts21 door opening tool. The tool now allows doctors to easily open stubborn doors without any patient discomfort. With Covid resulting in fewer in-person appointments, it had never been more important for us to make doctors' lives easier. This was also a giant step towards focusing on not just features and benefits, but also on the User Experience.

21in21Campaign and Promo

We really wanted you all to focus on gaining new business through Pitts 21 in 2021. In order to help you go after new customers, we gave you all a special coupon. This one-time coupon offered two free Pitts 21 cases for every 21 purchased. It was a great opportunity to build inventory, offer a discount for existing customers, or target new business with an attractive offer.

We Made MAP Easier and More Accessible

In 2021 we streamlined and automated the MAP approval process. We asked that all distributors submit their MAP requests through a newly added MAP page (see MAP tab on this site). Automating the MAP approval process allowed us to respond to your submissions quicker, track requests easier, manage balances more efficiently, and get your approvals and refunds approved faster.

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