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Introducing Test Drive

This program is the ultimate joyride for prospective users to test the Pitts21 or Pitts21 PRO system. When they hop in, they'll get a 5-case Pitts21 or Pitts21 PRO starter kit, fully loaded with brackets, wires, and tools for five patient treatments.

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New Customers

In effort to help you win new business, OC distribution partners can now provide potential new customers a starter kit of Pitts21 or Pitts21 PRO to “Test Drive” at no charge. The kits that OC distribution partners give out as part of this program can qualify to reimbursed* by OC Orthodontics. 

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Your team becomes the Pitts crew, guiding and supporting these new trial customers throughout their Pitts21 journey. Lead them to OC training materials and show them how to shift into gear with our robust online support network, linking you with fellow Pitts21 PRO doctors and staff for collaboration and shared expertise.

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Recent orthodontic college graduates (up to 12 months post-graduation), qualify for our "Student Driver" program. Student Drivers can obtain a virtual Student Driver ID card that affords them an exclusive 25% discount on their Pitts21 & Pitts21 PRO product orders for the following 12 months. This includes brackets, wires, and tools.

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