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2021 Year in Review: Quarter 3

A boost in distributor activity, the Summer Olympics, and hiring talent for a successful future

Summer in 2021 saw a significant increase in distributor-led educational events, the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games were finally held, and OC expanded our Executive Management team by adding new talent in key areas.

July – Your Success Stories

As summer began, we started planning for the 2021 OC Partner Meeting. We knew we wanted to spotlight the ways in which you all have not only survived but thrived during the past eighteen months. With that in mind, in July we asked you to share “Success Stories”. We received over a dozen responses. Your stories ranged from successfully launching a new product, hosting an in-person event for the first time, to keeping your sales team engaged and motivated, and to successfully leveraging new social media platforms to engage with new potential new business.

It was inspiring to all of us at OC to see your tenacity and the imaginative ways you used to overcome some extreme obstacles. Perhaps no more so than the perseverance shown by two of our newer distributors; Orthosmart in Costa Rica and HS Dental from India.

August – The OC Olympics Kick-Off

As the 2020 Summer Olympics were winding down, we decided that OC needed to get into the spirit of healthy competition. With that spirit in mind, the OC Olympic movement was born. Like the very first ancient Olympics, it would start with a single event. Similarly, we designed an event that everyone could compete in and that could leverage your customer touchpoints. It would also be an event that could help you retain business and would help sustain grow brand loyalty. The OC Ambassador Olympic event was born with a simple premise; the distributor with the most additional new ambassadors wins! We would also award gold, silver, and bronze medals (ok, actually plaques) and special achievement awards.

The first leaderboard was posted on August 30th with Algeria, Turkey, India, and Mexico leading the way. Also in the Top 10 were Russia, Malaysia, Poland, Taiwan, Colombia, and Singapore.

September – The OC Executive Team

It takes a lot to operate the daily functions of a medical device company that designs, manufactures, and ships all products on-site. It takes even more resources to grow that company for the next five years into the world’s leading innovative orthodontic platform company with a globally respected and admired brand.

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