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2024 Partner Awards Location

Vegas or New Orleans? We Want Your Thoughts!

(The Sphere - Las Vegas)

Every year since 2017, we have hosted the Partner Awards during AAO. This is because it is generally the event where we have the most distributors in the same place at the same time.

Next year we will have two significant events close to each other. In mid-April, there is the GPS Pinnacle event in Las Vegas. Then, less than 3 weeks later is the AAO General Meeting in New Orleans.

(Bourbon St - New Orleans)

What Are Your Plans?

If a significant number of partners are planning to attend the GPS Pinnacle, then we may host the Partner Awards in Las Vegas. So we want to know what your thoughts are on these two closely held events.

Please answer this poll question below:

Which of these Events will you Attend?(select one)

  • GPS Pinnacle - Las Vegas (April 12-13)

  • AAO - New Orleans (May 3-6)

  • Both Events

  • None of these Events

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