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Ambassador Data Reveals Growth Opportunities

A large number do currently use OC for their primary system

We have been going through the Ambassador list. What the ambassadors tell us reveals some interesting information.

International V US

International wins!! Easily.

You have all done a great job getting doctors to sign up to become ambassadors. Currently OC has four times as many Ambassadors from outside the US than from within the US. As we know from the Olympics, Russia has the most, followed by Algeria and Turkey. But every part of the world is well represented.


The average age for an International Ambassador is 40, which is well below the average for the United States, which is 52. We know that younger doctors are less likely to be indoctrinated to traditional methods. This is good news for us.

Social Media

International Ambassadors are far more likely to use social media than their American counterparts. Instagram is the most popular platform, while in the US Ambassadors prefer Facebook. We need to be where our customers are.

Primary System

This is where things get interesting. An astounding 44% of Ambassadors dont currently use an OC product as their primary system.

18% named Damon as their primary system. 6% names another company while 20% said that it was neither Damon nor OC.


Of those that use an OC product as their primary system, 58% use Pitts 21 while 42% use H4.


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