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Boosting Event Success: Leveraging MAP program for Support

Good education programs and product promotion are the keys to successfully converting doctors to the Pitts Platform. As a result, OC knows how important it is to help distributors with their marketing, education, and promotion efforts. That is why in 2018 we introduced the Marketing Allowance Program (MAP). MAP is a unique sales rewards program designed to help partners grow their OC business.





In 2023, our partners used their MAP allowance in a variety of ways. OrthoSmart, our exclusive distributor in Costa Rica, utilized MAP to attend 2023’s National Congress of Orthodontics organized by ACO.

At this event, OrthoSmart organized for one of your key speakers, Dr. Gutierrez, to do a certification course on Pitts.




For a full list of how you can apply MAP, click on the tab “MAP” and find our detailed brochure. 



Discover how we can support your next event!











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Karina Jimenez
Karina Jimenez
19 feb.

A great big Thank you to @OrthoSmart for providing us with event pictures! You all look great in them. 😊

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