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Bracket Comparison Flyer

Which option is right for your customers?

With the preliminary launch of the Pitts 21 Pro in the United States, many of your sales reps and customers might be wondering what the distinctions are between our 3 leading bracket systems. To help make these distinctions clear, Marketing has released a flyer that highlights the features and benefits that each bracket offers.

A valuable tool for everyone

The flyer can be used by all stakeholders (customers/sales reps/distributors/patients/your staff) to help understand what the features/benefits are of each bracket, and then easily be able to articulate a comparison between each.


All our systems are great and there are pros and cons to each of them. The chart is intended to help identify which system is suitable for each particular stakeholder. Not everyone needs or wants to fly first class!!

Download Here

OC Bracket Comparison[1]
Download PDF • 1.36MB


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