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Bracket Industry Predicted to Grow by 10% in 2022

Do you have strategic plans in place to sustain and retain gained market share?

Bracket Sector Still Growing

Brackets is leading the market and is forecasted to grow at the highest CAGR of 9.9% over the projected timeframe. Due to its extensive use in fixed orthodontics, which has come to prominence, the brackets segment is expected to dominate the industry. This has resulted in considerable overall growth for this segment. Because of its improved care effectiveness, the bracket segment is also expected to rise at a steady CAGR over the forecast period.

However....Industry Growth Slowing Down

With the outbreak of a global pandemic, many have faced salary cuts and job losses. Covid-19 has become a threat to the entire world’s economy and has negatively impacted all kinds of markets, including the orthodontics market. With less disposable income and broken supply chains, the market's growth is expected to slow down. A shortage of skilled professionals due to medical workers being shifted to covid-19 frontlines also negatively impacts the market.

What does this mean?

In order to continue to grow your business, it is now more important than ever to sustain and retain gained business. This is why we will focus the 2021 Partner Meeting on helping you to retain hard won business.

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