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Central American Pinnacle 2022

The Central American Pinnacle was full of education, new connections, and fun! One of our favorite things about the Ortho industry is interacting face-to-face with doctors and friends.

It is important to understand why we host these types of events. The Pinnacle is a way of extending our support to ALL distributors. Pinnacles are the perfect opportunity to make new connections, retain customers, and relay the most current information about our product.

Through conversations with doctors and distributors, we have found that using square slot can be a bit intimidating for doctors who do not fully understand it. Therefore, we felt the need to help new and current P21 users build confidence in their work. We dedicated the opening day of the Pinnacle to “why square slot”. We followed the second day by detailing the Pitts protocol and the Pitts21 system. Our speakers did a great job of providing techniques that make a difference, such as the importance of a minimalist orthodontic treatment (Pitts21), esthetics, and feeling comfortable using Pitts21 on retreatments.

Thank you to all who contributed to this event. We hope you will continue to be part of future Pinnacles.

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