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ChatGPT Quiz: Winners and Prize

Hopefully, you made the list.

The Questions and Answers

1. ChatGPT is a tool we can use to enhance:

All of the Above

2. How many “ChatGPT” titled articles have been posted to OCP?


3. The first Chat GPT article was published:


4. Which of these was a Chat GPT topic:

All of the Above.

5. We are part of an industry that can trace it roots back to the ancient Egyptians.


6. From the “Asking Sales Questions” article, we learned it is important to:

Ask open-ended, value-related questions

7. Advocacy Marketing does which of the following:

All of the Above

8. The Ambassador Program is an example of which type of Marketing:

Advocacy Marketing

9. In the “Talking Points” article, OC first launched what campaign:

Triple A

10. It is important to share Chat GPT articles with your team.


The Winners Are.....


OrthoGroup (Poland)

OrtoClasic SRL (Romania)


Casa (Colombia)

Orthosmart (Costa Rica)

Ricardo Bruno (Argentina)

XBD (Mexico)


HS Dental (India)

Nebahat Nazli (Turkey)


Concern (Taiwan)

Daitan (Vietnam)

Galla (Malaysia)

Jainmed (Korea)

Kennix (Hong Kong)

Lead Dent (Philippines)

Pacific Medical (Thailand)

Prima (Indonesia)

Vega (Singapore)

The Prize

Thanks to everyone who participated!!!!!

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