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Do You Have A Success Story?

We want to hear about your successes and share them with your fellow distributors

Nothing encourages more success than sharing in your own success. And in the spirit of sharing, we want to hear about and share your success stories.

What is a success story?

A success story can be (just about) anything. Here are some ideas:

-How did you get a new account?

-How are you growing existing business?

-What cool new marketing thing did you just do?

-Did you get a bunch of doctors to attend a webinar/in person event?

-Do you have your own OC Ambassador sign-up champion?

-Highlight a key non sales employee who did something amazing

-Did you move into a fancy new office?

-How are you growing social media?

-Spotlight a social media champion on your team

-Did someone at your company achieve something outside of work?

-Did you hold a unique company event?

Send your success stories to your Regional Business Manger. And please include some pics!!

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