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Fantastic New Milestones Achieved

A big THANK YOU from us for growing the global presence of our platform products

Three Significant Milestones Achieved

When first launched in 2017, Pitts 21 became our first signature platform product. Since then it has been joined by two other significant products; the Clear 21 system and the Pitts 21 Pro system, which was launched to our International partners in November 2022. Those three products have created the Orthodontic industry's most cutting-edge and innovative product platform. Combined those products have achieved some pretty significant milestones.

Over Two Million Brackets Shipped

Last month the total number of platform products shipped Internationally went over 2,000,000. Our product platforms have a presence in every part of the world and are rapidly becoming the gold standard for progressive orthodontists who value accelerated treatments with aesthetic outcomes.

One Hundred Thousand Smiles Created

Those brackets have helped orthodontists to create just over 100,000 amazing smiles. That's enough people to fill Camp Nou in Barcelona, Spain, or Wembley Stadium in London, UK.

Pitts Pro Has the Quickest Adoption of Any OC Product

It took some time for the Pitts 21 product to achieve global success, however. Two years after launch, only 20 distributors were actively marketing and selling the product. While that number has increased a lot since then, Pitts 21 took some time for many of you to trust and adopt.

Pitts 21 PRO however has been very quick to get going internationally. Since our launch in November last year, 29 distributors have accepted and launched this fantastic product.

As Eric said, we can't wait to ship you 2,0000 more!!!!

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