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First Rule of Battle: Know Thy Enemy

The War of 2022 has begun

In order to know thy enemy, you must first identify two things; Who are your biggest threats and how do you know what they are up to.

Who Are Your Biggest Threats?

It would be easy to think that your biggest threats come from bracket competitors, like Ormco or AO. And you would probably be right. But there are other big threats lurking out there also. Ignore them and they may just turn from a small nuisance to a giant pain.

Who Are Your Spys?

As I mentioned last week, 2022 is going to be a battle. In order to win, we will all need to know who our biggest threats are. More importantly, we will need to know what they are up to. Make sure you have someone in your organization who has their ear to the ground and can communicate what is going on. Designate them your spy and make sure you listen to what they tell you.


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