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Happy Retirement Lance!

Today is Lance Lipscomb’s last day with OC-Orthodontics.

After a long and successful career in sales, Lance has decided to go into a well-deserved retirement. He will likely be spending a lot of time fly fishing, mountain biking (hopefully staying upright), and enjoying the great outdoors.

Lance has long been a valued member of this great company in various roles, and a key player on both the International and Domestic sales teams. We all thank Lance for his years of hard work and dedication to the success of OC.

We wish him well in his retirement.

Lance was a part of the International team at OC for many years. During that time he formed relationships beyond work with many of you. He was an integral part of the daily operations of International sales.

And Lance really enjoyed the social side of his job. He loved to try the local cuisines wherever he traveled. Lance had a passion for spicy food and good wine. He may have had a wine or two in the picture below.

Am not saying this is related, but Lance did often forget how maps work.

I am not saying he ever got us lost, but I am also not saying that. One time we wandered German streets for an hour looking for a restaurant that was actually only 5mins away. Just saying.


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