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Advisory Notice - Fake Product

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

The best defense against losing business to fake product is you.

A number of distributors have noticed an increase in Chinese manufactured fake OC products appearing in their market. Counterfeit products appear to be the same but generally are of poor quality and have not been vetted for safety. Selling counterfeit product is illegal and punishable by civil and criminal courts according to the trademark, copyright, and intellectual properties laws and regulations.

It would be impossible for OC to use legal methods to shut down or slow down counterfeits. As soon as one company is warned or shut down, two others appear. The best course of action is for distributors to take a proactive approach to the issue.

As such distributors should do the following;

  1. Issue a warning to all customers and consumers of the presence of fake products in the market.

  2. Remind customers that safety and reliability cannot be guaranteed if they purchase fake product from another source.

  3. Advise that to avoid confusion and false purchase, customers should only buy from you, the authorized distributor.

  4. If possible, mark the product with a security seal or company mark.

OC will take proper and severe actions to cease and confiscate these counterfeit products when possible. However, promoting your company brand is the BEST defense against fake product.

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