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Meet The Exec Team - Alan Kozlowski

Alan has been the CEO of WCT/OC since 2016.

As the Chief Executive Officer, Alan is responsible for the health and wellbeing of the company.


Alan is a graduated of the University of Michigan with a Degree in Chemical Engineering and a Master’s in Business Administration. He has over twenty-five years of experience in the medical device executive management. Alan prides himself on being a collaborative and relationship-oriented leader.

How His Role Helps You

It is Alan’s primary responsibility to develop and promote the company culture. Building a culture that emphasizes innovation and creativity, while requiring honesty and integrity in everything OC does. He believes in fostering mutual beneficial long-term relationships with our global partners, while they in turn build strong, profitable organizations for the benefit of their families, employees, and our customers.

About Alan

In his free time, Alan enjoys field dog trialing, spending time in the forest, and is one of those enthusiastic Cross Fit people. He has Yellow Lab named Cooper who he adores.

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