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Meet The Exec Team - Brad Anderson

Another new member to OC, Brad replaces Kayla as our Chief Financial Officer.

Brad Anderson joined OC Orthodontics in July 2021. As the Chief Financial Officer he manages the company’s financial, accounting, audit and treasury functions.


Brad received his BS with a double major in Accounting and Finance from the University of Oregon. His career spans over twenty-five years of varied financial management and leadership experience including CFO and partner level public accounting roles.

How His Role Helps You

Brad recognizes and values the importance of relationships with good business partners. He has successfully advised and managed businesses with expanding territories, product lines and infrastructure. As a result, Brad knows how important it is to work with distributors to create growth opportunities.

About Brad

Outside of work, Brad enjoys camping, motorcycle riding and following his favorite football teams, the Oregon Ducks and the Dallas Cowboys. And yes, the University of Oregon are called the Ducks. <<<< click to find out why


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