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Meet The Exec Team - Emma Changizian

Emma is the Human Resource Manager and has been at WCT/OC for seventeen years!


Emma has been in the HR Management field since 1989. Her role at WCT has always been to help align the company’s mission and strategies with the company’s employees and their work. Emma's goal is elevate the employees experience thru training, development, opportunity, safety, benefits, inclusion and respect.

How this role helps you:

As the HR Manager Emma is committed to implementing practices that keep our employees healthy and our work environment safe. That commitment meant that throughout the pandemic OC has been able to stay open and continue to produce and ship parts during a time when many other orthodontic companies could not. Additionally, through the implementation of progressive recruitment and retention policies, we have been able to attract and develop talent that keeps OC innovating our products and manufacturing.

About Emma:

Emma is not big on flying, but she loves nature, so her favorite vacations consists of hitching up the trailer and going on road trips with her husband. She also love hiking, playing tennis with her daughters, and cooking for her family

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall”.

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