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Meet The Exec Team - Eric Ackerman

Get Tee'd up to meet our Marketing Marvel!

Eric is a familiar name and face to many of you.

As the Marketing Manager, Eric is responsible for developing, implementing and executing the company's strategic marketing plans that attract potential customers, retain existing ones, and expand our global reach.


Eric has worked in marketing for 22 years, 17 of them in the Orthodontic space. Eric enjoys his day-to-day dealings with doctors and our international partners.

How His Role Helps You

Eric and his team are focused on positioning OC Orthodontics as a progressive and global brand. As such they have created the OC Ambassador program, held international Pinnacle meetings, coordinated global webinars, produced innovative communication tools and on and on. They are committed to continual improvement, development, and implementation of tools that will help OC and its global partners continue to be recognized as leaders in the field.

About Eric

When not at work, Eric enjoys spending time with his family. He has 3 adult(ish) children ages 16 to 25 who are all better looking and intelligent than him (which makes him very proud). Eric has also been known to hack his way around a golf course and pontificate his love of sports and nerd culture. He also thinks Neill is really funny, which approximately 67% agree is correct.

(actual footage of Eric)

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Naresh  Panjala
Naresh Panjala
Oct 07, 2021

Eric (highly Involved & competitive manager ) thanks for being with us in Virtual meeting with Dr Chitra (India)

my best wishes to you always🎖️


Oct 07, 2021

Eric! The best!! 💙

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