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Meet The Exec Team - Jeff Tunnell

Jeff is our VP of North American Sales

Jeff's sales management style is to foster a culture of friendly competition and teamwork. He does this so that best practices are always shared within the entire sales team to ensure peak performance. That style has helped to shape a team that gives OC a market presence in North America that belies our size and market share.

Included in the North American team that Jeff oversees is a name and face that will be familiar to you all, Lance Lipscomb. Lance is currently the Regional Sales Manager for Canada and the Pacific NorthWest.


Jeff Tunnell is one of our most industry experienced executives, with over 40 years in medical device and dental sales management. During that time, Jeff has built several successful sales teams from scratch, including our current team of highly skilled and knowledgeable sales representatives.

How His Role Helps You

As a global company, the strategic sales decisions that occur in North America have a significant affect on our business elsewhere. Whether these decisions are based on pricing, promotions, or product focus, what Jeff and his team do has a ripple affect that stretches around the world.

About Jeff

Jeff Grew up in Southern California – surfing, beach volleyball, and cycling have been his go to activities for many decades. He has two adult kids – 38 year old daughter and 33 year old son.

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