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Meet The Exec Team: Wes Couser

One of the newest members of OC's management team, Wes brings a proactive energy to the company.

As the Quality Manager, Wes is responsible for improving and advancing our world class manufacturing practices for both present and future needs.


Wes has experience in the military, aerospace, and medical industries. He loves building effective teams that drive quality improvements and lean manufacturing initiatives. Wes enjoys working with customers and outside partners to build lasting, mutually successful relationships.

How His Role Helps You

Wes is focused on process control and improvement, which helps to ensure we continue to provide best-in-class quality products at competitive prices. He is also overseeing some Information Technology enhancements at OC, including new software solutions for Regulatory that will help expedite compliance documentation (yay!) and Business Intelligence platforms that will allow us to get more complex sales data to you faster and easier. Wes is also focused on personnel development to ensure OC continues to implement industry leading quality standards.

About Wes

In his free time, Wes explores the wilderness areas of the Pacific Northwest with his family, struggles to make sense of the guitar, and loves to cook for his favorite people.

(not an actual photo)

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