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Neill Out Next Week With No Internet or Phone

5 Days of peace and quiet in the beautiful Oregon wilderness.

Starting next Monday, August 9th, I will be out of internet and cell service range, at a lake high up in elevation in central Oregon. That means no responding to calls, or emails, or texts, or WhatsApp messages, or Instagram posts. I look forward to doing all of that when I return on Monday the 16th!

Every year I take a vacation to get away from the hustle and bustle of work in order to refocus on life. Last year this was difficult to do and so I did not an opportunity to escape. This year though my yearly retreat is back on. So please patient if it takes me an extra week to respond to you all.

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1 Comment

Naresh  Panjala
Naresh Panjala
Aug 06, 2021

Good going Neil, this practice may be subconsciously makes you meditative , where you will develop an ability to differentiate between external situation and inner peace.

In India most of us will consciously practice by going in to Himalayas or in deep forest(since ancient days ) we call it as Vana vaasa (staying in woods ), in life the external affairs are not 100% in our control but what happens within us (in our mind) should be 100% as per our wish.😊

All the best , I wish you will be more joyful & productive.

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