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New Olympics Starts Today

Challenge #2 is all about promoting and growing your Pitts 21 business

Simple and Straightforward

The second challenge in the 2022 OC Olympics is focused on growing your Pitts 21 business. The Pitts 21 bracket is a platform product for OC and key to building brand loyalty with your doctors.

The Rules

The challenge will run for SIX consectutve weeks, starting today and finishing on May 15th. The dirtributor that has the highest percantage increase in Pitts 21 purchases (cases and kits) over that period of time wins.

For fairness, every distributor will allocated into one of three groups based on the size of current business.

Some Motivation - 10% Off Coupon

In order to make it easier for you to promote Pitts 21 to your customers, we will be giving you a ONE-TIME only special Pitts 21 Discount Coupon. This can be used on Pitts 21 cases or Starter Kits.


Coupon can ONLY be used on ONE order

It CANNOT be used on an order already placed

The coupon cannot be used with another promo or deal

It only covers Pitts 21 cases and kits

The order MUST be placed BEFORE 6/30/22 to be valid

Pitts21 10% Coupon
Download PDF • 717KB


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