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UPDATED: Social Media Guidelines

We are living in a global digital world!

Being Global

Social media plays an increasingly large and pivotal role in shaping the brand image of the company. Having a successful social media strategy is key to retaining, sustaining, and gaining new customers. OC Orthodontics is therefore focused on growing a consistent and recognizable brand.

Acting Global

Our success depends on us acting with a unified message. As our contractually appointed global representatives, it is important for you to understand how you can help us to achieve our branding goals.

***Action Needed - Acknowledgment***

Because of the importance of this issue, we require your acknowledgment of having both received and understood the guidelines.

Your acknowledgment is completed by replying to the email sent to you all from your Regional Manager or by sending an email confirming receipt of the guidelines to your Sales Ops representative.

The below Social Media Guidelines booklet details what you can and can't do online.

Social Media Guidelines v3
Download PDF • 5.84MB

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