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NEW: The Ambassador Program 2.0

Two new features enhance the Ambassador experience while creating one amazing network of loyal users.

There are THREE major exciting changes to the OC Ambassador program. These changes enhance the user experience, allowing Ambassadors to earn loyalty points while building a community of like-minded, progressive orthodontists.


A new, easier way for an Ambassador to sign-up for the program.


Addition of a loyalty program that allows Ambassadors to earn "Pitts Points". Pitts Points can be used for Pinnacle discounts, special offers, event promotions, and more!


Access to a network of like-minded progressive orthodontists. These are orthodontists who view orthodontics as an art, value their clinical outcomes, and prioritize the patient experience.

1. Made the sign-up process easier.

New Ambassadors simply create a log-in account for the OC Orthodontics website. Once the request for access is approved, they will receive an email notifying them their membership was approved, and prompting them to the Ambassador page to activate their account.

When the new Ambassador clinks on the "visit site" button, it will:

a) Automatically activate their Ambassador Account earning them 150 Pitts Points

b) Prompt them to create their own unique profile on the site.

When the new Ambassador logs in again they will see a floating blue box at the bottom of the screen that says "My Rewards".

Clicking on "My Rewards" allows the Ambassador to access our most exciting new feature; the loyalty program!

2. Added A Loyalty Program

The most significant change is the addition of a loyalty program. The Ambassador loyalty program allows users to earn "Pitts Points" by attending events, posting on social media, sharing, and much more.

By clicking on the "My Rewards" button, the Ambassador will be taken to their personal loyalty account and profile. Here they can see how many points they have earned.

AMBASSADOR - Clicking this shows the Ambassador what level within the loyalty program they have achieved, with the highest being "Influencer" which unlocks additional program benefits.

PROFILE - This is where a user would go to cancel their membership in the program

EARN POINTS - This shows the Ambassador how to earn points. For example, following OC on Instagram earns an Ambassador 150 Pitts Points. Simple, easy.

Ways to Earn Points:

MY REWARDS: This shows the Ambassadors the ways that they can redeem points.

3 - New Access to both Rewards and their Peers

For OC the Ambassador program is about building a global brand and loyalty among the world's progressive orthodontists.

For the Ambassadors, it is about building a network of like-minded peers. Peers who value a patient experience that provides accelerated treatments with aesthetic outcomes. with whom they can easily interact, learn from, teach, and improve. In doing so, they are helping each other build a life-long successful career in orthodontics. The Ambassador facilitates access to this incredible network.

Together we are building a network of progressive-minded young orthodontists who will hopefully become loyal users of the Pitts platform of products.

Downloadable Flyers

OC Ambassador
Download PDF • 1.59MB

OC Ambassador Sign
Download PDF • 1.19MB

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