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OLYMPICS: New Updated Standings

Last week saw one the highest totals of new OC Ambassador signups

Things are starting to heat up and the competition is becoming more interesting by the day. While Algeria maintains their grip on the GOLD medal, Turkey's SILVER medal position is under pressure from opposite sides of the world; Mexico and Taiwan are both now in the BRONZE spot and moving up fast!!

Big week across the world!

Last weeks saw almost ONE HUNDRED new signups to the OC Ambassador program. These signups came from across an incredible 25 countries. Taiwan had a huge week and more than doubled their previous total. Way to go everyone at CONCERN LTD in Taiwan. Almost everyone in our current TOP TEN added ambassadors. The competition is getting hot! But the big question remains, can anyone catch Algeria?

Updated Leaderboard Top 10

Week of September 14, 2021

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1 Comment

Alan Kozlowski
Alan Kozlowski
Sep 14, 2021

I'm excited to see if anyone will catch Algeria!

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