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OC Olympics: Q2 Results & Update

We are now halfway through the Quadathalon competition.

Two of the four Quadathalon events have now been completed. But how much will it change the newly updated rankings?

The first challenge was to get as many of your doctors to hashtag your country in an Instagram post. Orthogroup, our recent Diamond award winners, won that challenge, with Casa Dental (2022 Platinum award winners) and XBD (2022 Gold award winners) making up the top 3.

Q2 Challenge Results

For fairness reasons, we pooled distributors into three groups based on previous average Pitts 21 purchases. The distributors with the most growth over that average purchase were the winners. Once we were done with all the mathematics and calculations, we ended up with Orthdental Algeria taking out the maximum 15 points. They were followed by Dent Trade, Jainmed, and Daitan. Gexa from Chile rounds out the top 5 and adds 6 more points to the 5 they won in the Q1 challenge.


So what does that mean for the overall championship:


There are a number of distributors just outside the Top 10. So a lot can change with Challenge 3.

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Viva Chile!!!🇨🇱

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