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OLYMPICS: Updated Leaderboard

Is this the calm before the Sign-Up storm?

No Changes In Rankings

After all the moving and shake-ups of last week, little has changed within the Top 10 this week. RUSSIA still leads the way in the GOLD medal position, with ALGERIA in the SILVER and TURKEY in the BRONZE medal positions respectively. With so many events happening across the world this week, starting yesterday with the Pitts 21 virtual conference in INDIA and bookended by the Pitts Forum in Madrid, SPAIN, I suspect this just may be the calm before the sign-up storm.

Trio With Gains

While there were no changes to the rankings, there were counties that made some good gains this week. Within the Top 10 those countries were TURKEY and POLAND. The final country in our trifecta is COSTA RICA, who had a great week and now sit just ONE sign-up outside of the rankings. Indeed there are a number of countries positioned just outside the rankings that could very easily move into the rankings.

My Champion for the week: COSTA RICA

Last week I mentioned that size wasn't a limiting factor in challenging for an OC Olympic medal. Well Costa Rica has proven this week that length of partnership is also not a restriction to making the Top 10. One of our newest partners, Orthosmart became an OC partner right in the middle of the global pandemic. Throughout this time they have been patient and diligent, waiting for their time to promote, educate and convert doctors to OC. We at OC are very proud to have Orthosmart as part of our team.



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