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OLYMPICS: Updated Leaderboard

Can anyone catch Russia?

Just a quick update this week as I wanted to get the results out to you all. The Top 10 stays as it was last week, though POLAND has now moved up to joint seventh.

RUSSIA has another big week has opened up a nice lead at the top of leaderboard. But with so many opportunities to add Ambassadors at in-person events, it is still anyones race to win!!

Only Five Countries

While we added a nice total of new Ambassadors this week, they were spread across only 5 countries. This is the lowest number since we started the Olympics. Let's see if we can double or triple that number for next week.

Olympics Awards Ordered - MORE CHANCES TO WIN!!

The plaques for the Gold, Silver and Bronze winners have been ordered. There will also be FIVE Regional Achievement winners. So even if you cannot win a medal, you are still in the race for an award.


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