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One Week To Go To Start of the 2022 OC Olympics

Quarter 1 Event:

The "Instagram Hashtag Your Country" Challenge

The first event of the 2022 OC Olympics starts next Monday with the Instagram Your Country challenge. The OC Marketing department will make a special post to the official OC Instagram account. The country that receives the most hashtags in the comments sections wins!!

Why Does This Challenge Matter?

  • Drives Peer-to-Peer engagement

  • Introduces OC doctors to other OC users.

  • Identifies potential customers for you

  • Creates more customers touchpoints

  • Helps you to grow your social media account

The Top 10 Wins Points for the Quad-Athalon

This year we are not only having quarterly challenges, there is also an ongoing annual event. Each distributor that finishes in the Top 10 of each quarterly challenge, will receive points that count towards the Quad-Athalon.

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