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Pitts21 PRO: Advice from a Rep

Meet one of OC's best reps

As part of the International launch of Pitts Pro, we wanted to include helpful sales information from someone who has actually been selling the product. Kamal Ali is a fantastic sales rep with over a decade of experience in orthodontics. He has been selling Pitts21 PRO since the US launch in May.

In a video specially recorded for you, Kamal

  • Highlights the differences between Pitts 21 and Pitts Pro

  • Discusses the market reaction to the product

  • Explains how to overcome the “price” objection

  • Gives his 30sec elevator pitch

  • Provides some words of wisdom

We believe this video is a great way to introduce Pitts21 Pro to your reps. You will find the video on the dedicated Pitts21 Pro launch page here on OCP.

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