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Planet Friendly Marketing

Updated: Jan 24

Environmental Responsibility

Being aware of our environmental impact is an important part of OC's corporate consciousness. We are continually looking for ways to advocate for processes and services that promote green ideals.

We also know that being good environmental stewards is important to our stakeholders. Whether it is a single clinic, a group purchasing organization, or a Government tender, customers want to know that the products or services they use have a minimal environmental impact. It is therefore important that OC reaches customers in an environmentally responsible way.

In 2023, OC moved away from printing catalogs. As alternatives we created a digital catalog for customers, and an online live catalog for distributors.

Digital Catalog for the Customers

Digital Catalog Flyer
Download PDF • 5.53MB

Online Live Catalog for Distributors

Here on OCP, we added a Live Online Catalog for your use. Please see the navigation bar above for the link.

Printed Materials Still Important

The touch and feel of brochures can still provide a more intimate experience for some customers. Often their visual and tactile appeal offers an information-as-entertainment experience that drives consumers online to learn more, seek additional products, and make both online and in-store purchases.

While we seek to produce more digital versions of our customers, we will also continue to refine our brand communication strategy to ensure a cohesive experience for our customers.

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