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Q&A: OC Ambassador Program

We have received an incredible amount of interest and registrations to our new OC Ambassador program. With that interest has come some questions from distributors. The three most commonly questions asked I have answered below.

What is the purpose of the OC Ambassador program?

Our goal is to create a generation of influential orthodontists who are loyal and trusted users of your products. We do this through promoting and acting on a set of shared brand ideals and educational philosophy centered around the Pitts product platform and protocols.

My thoughts: It can be very costly for distributors to convert new business. We want to make sure you not only gain new business, but also sustain and retain that business for a long time. We believe this program helps you to do that.

What if a doctor signs up but is not one of my customers?

We anticipate many doctors who aren’t current users will want to sign up. This is a good thing. Distributors should follow-up with the doctor as they would with any other potential sales lead. For example, ask them why they signed up, what products they are interested in, what training they might need.

My thoughts: We know from orthodontist surveys and business analyst reports that industry awareness of our name and product portfolio is low. The program helps create awareness and promotion of the OC and Pitts brand names.

Do Ambassadors who sign up become paid OC speakers?

No. While we do hope that they become industry influencers, they are not paid speakers. We need to be careful to not confuse a regular ambassador with a Lead Ambassador. Appointed OC speakers receive a “Lead Ambassador” contract. They are paid speakers. Regular ambassadors are not.

My thoughts: I really can appreciate that the wording here can be confusing. It confused me at first also! But we want the program to be not only inspirational, but also aspirational. We want customers to aspire one day to want to become a paid OC speaker; a Lead Ambassador. These titles give them that clear pathway.


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