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QUIZ: The Triple-A Bundle

Do you remember the three As?

Imagery + Messaging = Brand Identity

On Tuesday, we launched to you all OC's new strategic initiative for creating one unified, global, brand identity. We had developed a global image, but as yet not a defined messaging structure. The Triple-A Bundle and Brand Messaging Pyramid fills that key gap in our brand development.

It is extremely important that all of us adopt the language of the Triple-A Bundle and follow the structure of the Brand Messaging Pyramid.

The Quiz (Yes, there is a prize)

To take the quiz either click the little "QUIZ" button or use the direct form below.

There is a very important bonus question at the end. VERY IMPORTANT.

You have until August 31st (the same end date as the Milestone Quiz).

If successful your prize will be emailed to you.

If you pass the quiz, you will be emailed a very nice prize!

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