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Remembering Past Awards: 2020

Online, Overlong, and You’re the Only One, Ortholight!!

Many globally significant events had to be cancelled in 2020. Among them the Tokyo Summer Olympics, the cross-continental UEFA European Championship, and one that was personally sad for me; the Eurovision Song Contest. A million voices silenced. But one important event that wasn't cancelled was the 4th Annual OC Partner Awards.

I believe it would have been very easy for us to just scream into the void and cancel our planned 2020 OC Partner Awards event. Like the Olympics it could have just been another event lost and forgotten. But I won’t break to a global pandemic. OC did what any reasonable orthodontic company wanting to shine a light on their distributors would do; we held an overlong, possibly monotonous, month-long virtual party for everybody!

The goal for the event was a simple one. We wanted to keep you all connected and engaged to each other and to the event for as long as we could. The plan was that each region would record short video clips for each territory winner. We would release them daily to reveal the winners via email over the course of a week. Multiple the number of regions, (four), and add a week for the Operational and Diamond awards, and voila we had created a five-week long marathon of an awards event.


We kicked off our awards event starting with Europe. Five long weeks later we would end up back in Europe with the announcement of our newest Diamond Award winner; Ortholight of Russia. Over the course of the past four years, Ortholight had become one of our most creative and most successful partners. Led by the handsome and energetic duo of Alexey and Batyr, Ortholight are a growth strategy minded team of committed and creative people, focused on innovative educational programs and brand-building marketing. You’re the only one Ortholight!!!

Was it a high budget affair? No. Was it full of visual productional excellence though? Also no. But what the event lacked in stylish videography I hope was more than made up with heart, humor, and with an honest appreciation of all your hard work.

And what of our Russian friends Alexey and Batyr? Sadly their entry to compete at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest was not chosen. Better luck next year gentlemen!!

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