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Stainless Steel Ligature Wire Ties Available!

Stainless Steel Ligature Wire Ties

Kobayashi Ligature Wire Ties

Kobayashi Ligature Wire Ties offer a spot-welded auxiliary hook which may be added to any bracket by simply tying in the archwire. Made from adaptable .012 or .014 ligature wire. The Shorty Kobayashi Ligature Ties aim to provide pre-wound pigtails for extra easy engagement.

Preformed Ligature Wire Ties

Preformed Ligature Wire Ties are a time-saving dead soft stainless steel ligature wire with a twisted end for quick placement. 1000 per preformed pack. 500 per shorty pack. 

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2 comentários

Iqbal Suleymanov
Iqbal Suleymanov
29 de fev.

Hello everybody.

Can you let me know prices this products?

Ashley Sanchez
Ashley Sanchez
06 de mar.
Respondendo a

Hello Dr. Igbal! I just sent you the pricing through email

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