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The 2024 APAC Partners Meeting

Presentations, Awards, and a Birthday Celebration!

OC was proud to host the 2024 Asia Pacific Partners meeting last night. Held at the beautiful Conrad Hotel in Singapore, the event included dinner, presentations, awards, and even a birthday celebration for our host, APAC Business Manager Yudy.

The presentation given by Yudy covered the "race track" of OC strategic initiatives. These included Test Drive, Triple A Messaging Pyramid, the OC Ambassador Program, the Marketing Allowance Program (MAP), and a reminder to utilize the OC Partner website resources. There was also a sneak peek at an upcoming new product!!

I was also very proud to open the presentations, showing the 2024 International strategic goals and initiatives, and a vision of the company's future.

From Korea to Indonesia

The region was well represented with a majority of the distributors, plus some staff, in attendance. We welcomed our partners from:

Hong Kong




The Philippines


Lots of Gifts!

Attendees received a custom event-themed racing jacket, with the "Pitts Crew" and "OC Ambassador" logos emblazoned across the back. Folks also received an event notebook with a special "OC Partner" pen, an individually customized document pouch (with phone holder!), a variety of OC Ambassador and Test Drive promotional items, and some educational marketing materials.


Yudy presented his region's 2024 OC Partner Awards. Winners were announced. Lead Dent from the Philippines were presented with two awards during the evening;

The regional Silver Award and the prestigious OC AG Award.

Other announced Partner Award winners were Daitan (Vietnam) for the Platinum Award, and Concern (Taiwan) for the Gold Award. Please take a moment to congratulate in them all in the comments.

We also had the opportunity to congratulate the local partners who made it onto the inaugural Partner League Table; Kennix from Hong Kong (3rd), Vega from Singapore (4th), Daitan from Vietnam (7th) and Prima Abadi from Indonesia (8th).

Fantastic effort to have 4 APAC Partners in the top 10!!!!

Special thank you to Yudy for putting on such a fantastic evening! We all hope you had an awesome birthday.

The Test Drive Photo Gallery

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Nicely done! Congrats to all the winners! and of course, Happy Birthday @yudyanto!! 🎉


Eric Ackerman
Eric Ackerman
Apr 22

Spectacular!  This is how it is done!


Karla Rangel
Karla Rangel
Apr 22

Congratulations to all the winners!🏆

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