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The New Normal is Here and it is Virtual. Are You Prepared?

According to Salesforce the rise in virtual sales activities isn't a COVID blip.

Last year in a Stay Connected article I asked us all to start thinking about the new normal and what it might look like. Well if the data from Salesforce is to believed, the new normal is virtual, with more and more sales related activities moving online.

Many of you have been doing virtual sales and marketing activities throughout the pandemic. Most of these efforts have been focused around events and social media activities. But what about your sales people? Are they adequately prepared for the new normal?

New Reality Requires New Sales Training

Salesforce identified SEVEN "new normal" areas where sales peoples were not receiving sufficient training. To be successful in the virtual age companies will need to have training plans and strategies beyond product knowledge and technical proficiency. Some simple questions to ask yourself are:

Is your sales team able to follow up with customers virtually?

Is your online brand consistent with your in-person image?

Are your sales reps listening more (understanding needs and empathizing) or talking more?

Is your sales team visible and comfortable being on social media?

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