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Timely Reminder About Unauthorized Sales

OC takes distributor involvement in illegal sales very seriously

This is an issue of respect


Some distributors have reported OC products appearing in their market that they have not sold. Unauthorized sales have sadly been an ongoing issue. OC has recently taken a number of steps to respect distributor rights and prevent unauthorized sales from occurring. These steps include:

· Stopping the practice of OC selling directly at trade shows

· Ensuring that all distributors consent to selling terms in our distribution contract

· Issuing warnings to distributors who have reported unauthorized sales.

· Terminating distribution contracts for continued unauthorized sales.

While the number of reported incidents has fallen significantly, frustratingly unauthorized sales still occur. They continue to occur as a result of distributors either knowingly or unknowingly:

· Selling products directly outside of their authorized territory to an individual or business

· Selling to businesses who then sell the product outside of their authorized territory.

· Selling product to sub-dealers who then sell to other companies that sell outside of their authorized territory

As distributors significantly control the flow of products sold internationally, OC alone cannot solve this issue. We need distributors to take proactive steps by doing the following:

· Reminding customers that legal purchases can only be made from an authorized OC distributor.

· Carefully vetting which individuals or companies you sell products to.

· Ensuring all sales agreements specify products cannot be resold outside of the territory.

· Issuing warnings to any customer or sub-dealer that makes unauthorized sales.

· Terminating any sub-dealer that continues to sell outside of your territory.

· Sharing evidence with OC of unauthorized sales.



We are a family. A family united in wanting to grow the OC business around the world. We must act like a family and act respectfully with each other.

If you do not respect OC, if you do not respect the rights of your fellow distributors, we will have no choice but to ask you leave our family.

OC will terminate contracts with any distributor who fails to respect the territory rights of other OC distributors

OC Sales Outside of Territory
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1 comentario

21 oct 2022

It's important to respect the work that each distributor does in their country to promote OC and to grow together! Thank you for your support in this issue.

Me gusta
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