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Chat GPT Trivia: Answers, Winners, & Prize

Some of you are really going to wish you entered!

Here are the ChatGPT General Orthodontics Trivia Answers

1. The average duration of orthodontic treatment for most patients is 18 to 24 months.

2. The term used to describe misaligned teeth is malocclusion.

3. The orthodontic appliance commonly known as "braces" is technically called orthodontic brackets.

4. The main purpose of wearing retainers after orthodontic treatment is to maintain the newly achieved tooth alignment and prevent relapse.

5. In orthodontics, the term for the upper and lower teeth not fitting together properly is malocclusion or a bad bite.

6. False. Orthodontic treatment is not limited to children and teenagers; adults can also undergo orthodontic treatment.

7. The specialized dentist who treats orthodontic issues is called an orthodontist.

8. The branch of dentistry that focuses on correcting irregularities of the teeth and jaw is called orthodontics.

9. The average number of times a patient typically visits the orthodontist during treatment can vary but is usually around every 4 to 6 weeks. (on average about 20 appointments)

10. The process of shifting teeth into their proper positions is called orthodontic tooth movement.

Which Partners have qualified for the prize?

We have ELEVEN winners.

DAITAN (Vietnam)


KENNIX (Hong Kong)

LEAD DENT (Philippines)





PAULA SOUTO (Portugal)

PRIMA ABADI (Indonesia)


Not everyone's answers were exactly 100% in agreement with ChatGPT. Additionally, some of you missed the deadline. But an aspect of being Avant-Garde is making up your own rules. So close enough was good enough.

Remember, I said on Monday that the great thing about trivia is that it is both about testing your knowledge AND learning new things. By simply taking part, you have shown a commitment to improving your knowledge. That sounds like winning to me.

And what is the Prize?

Coupon Rules:

This is a ONE-TIME 10% discount on ONE order. Cannot be used for a multiple shipment purchase order.

Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.

Must be used by 12/21/2023

Chat GPT Coupon
Download PDF • 422KB

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